Statutory appointments

The Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority is required to publish details of Statutory Appointments. IHACPA’s Chief Executive Officer is appointed under Part 4.8 of the National Health Reform Act 2011 (the NHR Act). 

The Pricing Authority are appointed under Part 4.2 of the NHR Act. IHACPA’s statutory committees comprise the Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC), the Aged Care Advisory Committee (ACAC) and the Jurisdictional Advisory Committee (JAC), established under Parts 4.10, 4.11A and 4.11 of the NHR Act respectively.

This list is published in accordance with the requirements for the Information Publication Scheme (IPS) under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

Name Position Body Current appointment term
Michael Pervan CEO IHACPA 5 years
Chair JAC 5 years
David Tune Chair Pricing Authority 5 years
Jennifer Williams Deputy Chair, Hospital Pricing Pricing Authority 5 years
Stephen Judd Deputy Chair, Aged Care Pricing Pricing Authority 5 years
Chair ACAC 5 years
Prudence Ford Member Pricing Authority 3 years
Member ACAC 5 years
Adam Coltzau Member Pricing Authority 5 years
Jane Hall Member Pricing Authority 5 years
Jenny Richter Member Pricing Authority 5 years
Glenn Appleyard Member Pricing Authority 5 years
Amber Polles Member CAC 5 years
Jo Wright Member CAC 5 years
Virginia Plummer Member CAC 5 years
Andrew Wei Member CAC 5 years
Kathryn Zeitz Member CAC 5 years
Nicole Harwood Member CAC 5 years
Christopher O’Donnell Member CAC 5 years
Nicole Phillips Member CAC 5 years
Tracy Smith Member CAC 5 years
Liz Prowse Member CAC 5 years
Susan Moloney Member CAC 5 years
Richard Phoon Member CAC 5 years
Erin Garner Member CAC 5 years


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