Clinical Advisory Committee

The Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority (IHACPA) Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC) is a statutory committee established under section 176 of the National Health Reform Act 2011.

The CAC provide high-level technical and clinical advice to the Pricing Authority on a range of issues, such as activity based funding, classification development and policy development, to inform the annual determination of the national efficient price and national efficient cost.

Members are appointed by the Commonwealth Minister for Health and Aged Care and are drawn from a range of clinical specialities and backgrounds to ensure the CAC represents a wide range of clinical expertise.

Members of the CAC:

Name Speciality
Prof Susan Moloney (Chair) Paediatrics
Ms Nicole Harwood Nursing
Mr Christopher O'Donnell Nursing
A/Prof Nicole Phillips Administration / anesthesia and pain management
A/Prof Virginia Plummer Nursing
Ms Amber Polles Pharmacy
Ms Elizabeth Prowse Mental health
Dr Tracy Smith Respiratory and palliative care
A/Prof Andrew Wei Haematology
Dr Jo Wright Rural medical practice
Dr Kathryn Zeitz Nursing
Clinical Prof Jenny Deague Cardiology
Dr Richard Phoon Nephrology


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