Expiring refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) approvals

RAD approvals expire after 4 years. Find out what your options are and how you can apply again for approval.

Your options

RAD approvals expire after 4 years. If your approval is about to expire, you can either:

  • apply for approval of the same amount
  • apply for approval of a higher or lower amount
  • let the approval expire

When an approval expires, you can no longer publish or charge new residents the previously approved amount.

Re-applying for approval

Follow the process to apply for RAD approval. You must submit your application at least 60 days before your current approval expires.

In the application form, you may be able to skip some questions. For example, if you have previously provided us with a floor plan and site plan and it has not changed, you do not need to provide it again.

If your current approval has not expired, you can continue to publish and charge new residents the approved amount until the approval expiry date.

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