What is a consultation

The development of the Pricing Framework for Australian Aged Care Services (the Framework) will be informed by feedback through a period of open consultation.

The Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority (IHACPA) is committed to ongoing, open and transparent consultation with a broad range of stakeholders in the aged care system. The first step will be to engage all stakeholders regarding the proposed approach to pricing aged care services, and the associated approach to aged care pricing policy development, via the release of a consultation paper available on this website.

The Towards an Aged Care Pricing Framework consultation paper is the primary mechanism for all stakeholders to provide input into the development of the Framework and provides an opportunity for public consultation on:

  • the pricing principles, which will underpin the Framework
  • the key challenges for aged care costing and pricing, and how to best address them in the development of the Framework
  • the mechanisms that support activity based funding in aged care.

This consultation paper focuses on the Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC) assessment and funding model in the context of residential aged care and residential respite care. Some feedback will be particularly relevant for the initial development of costing and pricing advice, especially submissions on options and evidence for an indexation methodology. However, stakeholder responses will inform a five year vision for the Framework and aged care costing and pricing development.

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