Australian National Subacute and Non-Acute Patient Classification Version 5.0

Date published: 17 December 2021

The Australian National Subacute and Non-Acute Patient Classification (AN-SNAP) is a casemix classification used for activity based funding, clinical management and other purposes.

The Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) has developed AN-SNAP Version 5.0 through detailed statistical analysis of public hospital activity and cost data, as well as consultation with jurisdictions, clinical experts and other subacute care stakeholders. 

Overall, AN-SNAP Version 5.0 is a modest refinement of Version 4.0. The fundamental structure is retained with the five care types: palliative care, rehabilitation, psychogeriatric care, geriatric evaluation and management and non-acute care.

These documents provide background to the development of the new classification, explains the data elements and collection protocols, reporting requirements, and how the data is grouped.

The Classification Manual includes: 

  • definitions of key terms and related concepts 
  • business rules - to ensure the consistent application of the AN-SNAP Version 5.0 classification in potentially ambiguous circumstances 
  • practice guidance - to ensure consistent application of the clinical assessment tools and other measures where these are being used as a variable in the classification 
  • information about the classification logic, which underpins the grouping software (SNAP5Grouper) available through IHPA.

The Final Report details AN-SNAP Version 5.0 and describes the development process and the rationale for major changes.

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