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Non-admitted and Subacute Costing Study

Date published: 8 December 2015

This resource contains publications related to Non-admitted and Subacute admitted costing study.

Non-admitted study

The non-admitted study was comprehensive across a range of settings (e.g. outpatients, community and satellite clinics). Similarly all service streams were included regardless of funding source. This ensured that all services were accounted for and costed appropriately providing an accurate cost of delivering multiple services across multiple settings (e.g. overhead costs are apportioned across all patients).

Subacute study

The subacute study focused on all admitted patients regardless of how the services were provided. Where possible the study leveraged the higher quality data that already exists in hospitals’ patient costing systems and feeder systems (e.g. allied health, pharmacy). This data was supplemented with detailed resource utilisation data captured on patients admitted across a wide range of hospitals. The study involved the recording of direct time clinicians spent with patients, the number and type of staff involved in the direct care and the consumables of significant costs used in the care provided and with diagnostic services linked and costed.

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