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National Hospital Cost Data Collection (NHCDC) Public Sector Report 2012–13

Date published: 30 June 2012

This National Hospital Cost Data Collection (NHCDC) Public Hospitals Report includes the results of participation across the various jurisdictions. The reports investigates a number of specific questions relating to hospital costs for admitted, non-admitted and emergency department services. The report includes jurisdiction level data and the national cost weight tables.

These documents account for the hospital costs submitted by jurisdictions for the following activity streams: admitted acute, non-admitted, emergency department, mental health, subacute and non-acute.

To provide hospitals and jurisdictions with updates to the current NHCDC. 


  1. NHCDC Public Sector Data Request Specifications (DRS) 2012-13 The final NHCDC Public Sector 2012-13 can be found at Attachment A.

    The DRS validation rules and supporting SAS scripts have recently been updated and provided to jurisdictions. The SQL scripts are being developed and will be provided shortly.

  2. Reporting of Work-In-Progress, Long Stay Patients and Escalation Factors

    The reporting methodology for the NHCDC Public Sector 2012-13 is at Attachment B.

    The Australian Hospital Patient Costing Standards are currently being updated and will reflect this change.

  3. NHCDC Public Sector Submission Factsheet 2012-13

    The NHCDC Public Sector 2012-13 Submission Factsheet including the file naming conventions for participating hospitals are at Attachment C.

Further information
Any queries or questions related to this circular should be directed to: ABF Hospital Costing at

The NHCDC Report 2012-13 includes cost and activity data from the financial year 2012-13. There were 402 participating hospitals that submitted data, located across all jurisdictions. This is a decrease of 37 (8.4 per cent) from the 439 hospitals that participated in 2011-12. In comparison to 2011-12.

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