National Hospital Cost Data Collection, Reporting of work-in-progress, long stay patients and escalation factors, Round 18 (Financial year 2013-14)

Date published: 8 December 2015

Work-in-progress patients

Work-in-progress patients reported to IHPA were:

  1. Patients that are admitted and discharged in the financial period
  2. Patients who were discharged in the financial year and admitted in the previous year.

The following patients should not be reported to IHPA however included in your reconciliation and carried forward for the following financial year:

  1. Patients that have not been discharged in the financial year

Long Stay Patients

Long stay patients are those that have been admitted for more than 200 days in the previous study year and have been discharged within the study period. The escalation factors shown in the document download should be applied and the indexed amounts included in your annual financial reconciliation along with all prior year costs.

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