National Benchmarking Portal

Date published: 30 May 2023

The National Benchmarking Portal (NBP) is a website-based application that provides public access to insights from data collected by the Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority (IHACPA).

The NBP contains three areas of focus:

  1. Cost per NWAU
  2. Hospital Acquired Complications (HACs)
  3. Avoidable Hospital Readmissions (AHRs)

There are three dashboards for each area of focus. The user can explore a Cost per NWAU Overview dashboard before searching for more details via the Cost Detail and National Weighted Activity Unit (NWAU) Detail dashboards. The HAC and AHR areas of focus each provide dashboards on Trends, Activity Detail, and NWAU Adjustment Detail.

Before data is uploaded to the NBP, all patient information is de-identified to ensure privacy. It is important that users of the NBP familiarise themselves with the User Guide as it contains detailed instructions on the navigation of the dashboards and proper interpretation of the data.

The NBP User Guide is available on the NBP website and the IHACPA website.

Watch a practical walk-through of the portal and to learn how to use and interpret the data within the NBP:

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