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Hospital Teaching, Training and Research Activities National Best Endeavours Data Set 2021-22 Technical Specifications for reporting

Date published: 10 May 2021

Teaching, training and research (TTR) activities represent an important role of the public hospital system alongside the provision of care to patients. Until now, there has been no classification system for TTR. To support data collection and classification development, IHPA have developed nationally consistent data collections for activity and cost data which, with maturity, will allow the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) to price TTR using activity based funding (ABF) methods.

National data collections are essential to the development of classifications and the implementation of ABF. The Hospital Teaching, Training and Research Activities National Best Endeavours Data Set (HTTRA NBEDS) 2021–22 has been developed to support the ATTC, in order to enable data collection by ABF hospitals, and to facilitate data analysis for the ongoing refinement of the Australian Teaching and Training Classification (ATTC).

The purpose of this document is to outline the reporting requirements for the provision of data against the HTTRA NBEDS 2021–22 by state and territory governments, including:

  • content and key concepts included in the HTTRA NBEDS
  • business rules relating to the reporting of the data items
  • frequently asked questions relating to the HTTRA NBEDS

The reporting requirements outlined in this document represent a best endeavours requirement for reporting purposes, and are not intended to limit the scope of data collections maintained by individual service agencies or state and territory governments.

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