Draft IHACPA Work Program and Corporate Plan 2024–25

Date published: 19 March 2024

The Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority (IHACPA) invited all interested parties to provide comment on the draft IHACPA Work Program and Corporate Plan 2024–25.

Key activities proposed in the draft plan include: 

  • developing a work plan and commencing a review of all pricing model adjustments, including the paediatric and intensive care unit adjustments and eligibility criteria. 
  • reviewing the appropriateness of price harmonisation of admitted and non-admitted chemotherapy and hospital delivered dialysis. 
  • reviewing recommendations from the Indexation Review. 
  • releasing the Australian Emergency Care Classification Version 1.1 and the Australian Mental Health Care Classification Version 1.1. 
  • implementing the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Tenth Revision, Australian Modification, Australian Classification of Health Interventions and Australian Coding Standards Thirteenth Edition and releasing the Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Groups Version 12.0. 
  • implementing cluster coding into the admitted patient care data sets. 
  • continuing the investigation of organ donation, retrieval and transplantation activity and costs. 
  • undertaking a horizon scan of Australian and international virtual models of service delivery and care, and associated funding arrangements. 
  • developing pricing advice to inform Australian Government decisions on residential aged care and respite care funding, and consulting on the development of the Pricing Framework for Australian Residential Aged Care Services 2025–26. 
  • continuing the development of the Australian Aged Care Costing Standards. 

The consultation was open from 19 March to 17 April 2024. 

All submissions will be published on this web page after the close of the consultation period. We won't publish your submission if you ask us not to release it. 

We retain, at our absolute discretion, the right not to publish any submissions or part thereof, where it considers it appropriate to do so. We may consider not publishing the whole submission or part of it in some cases. This includes if the submission: 

  • may contain information that is commercially sensitive. 
  • is factually contentious – that is, contains data, methodologies or processes that are questionable. 
  • raises individual privacy concerns. 

If you have questions about IHACPA's consultations, please contact us by email on submissions.ihacpa@ihacpa.gov.au  or call +61 2 8215 1100. 

The final IHACPA Work Program and Corporate Plan 2024–25 will be published on this website in June 2024. 

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