Consultation Paper on the Pricing Framework for Australian Residential Aged Care Services 2024–25

Date published: 17 July 2023

3D view of the publication of the Pricing Framework for Australia Aged Care Services 2023‒24

The Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority (IHACPA) released its Consultation Paper on the Pricing Framework for Australian Residential Aged Care Services 2024–25 (the Consultation Paper) from 17 July to 31 August 2023.

Stakeholder submissions to the Consultation Paper inform the development of IHACPA’s Pricing Framework for Australian Residential Aged Care Services 2024–25 (the Pricing Framework).

The Pricing Framework underpins the way IHACPA develops its costing and pricing advice. This includes the development of residential aged care pricing advice for the Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC) funding model, as well as the refinement of the AN-ACC model over time.

The consultation

IHACPA invited all interested people or organisations to make a submission. IHACPA is focused on ensuring that submissions are representative of the Australian aged care system and the community. IHACPA therefore sought submission reflecting a wide range of organisations, roles, backgrounds and perspectives. 

Submissions could address the questions that were relevant to any person or organisation  there was no need to respond to every question. Every response is valuable to IHACPA. 

Submissions for this consultation closed at 5pm AEST on Thursday 31 August 2023.

Unless respondents specifically requested that their submission or parts of their submission should not be released, all submissions are published on IHACPA’s website after the close of the consultation period. Personal contact details for all submissions are removed or redacted before they are published. 

IHACPA retains, at its absolute discretion, the right not to publish any submissions or part thereof, where it considers it appropriate to do so. Circumstances which IHACPA may consider in making a decision not to publish either the whole submission or part thereof include that the submission:

  • may contain information that is commercially sensitive.
  • is factually contentious – that is, contains data, methodologies or processes that are questionable.
  • raises individual privacy concerns.

If the content has been emailed to IHACPA in an email format, or submitted through the online questionnaire, the submission will be reproduced in a Word or PDF format for publication. Handwritten and typed hard copy submissions will be scanned into PDF documents and uploaded to this page.


Submissions to the Consultation Paper are currently being reviewed and will be published to this web page shortly.


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