Interim Aged Care Working Group

The Interim Aged Care Working Group (IACWG) was established to support the development of the Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority's (IHACPA's) aged care pricing framework and costing and pricing advice.

The IACWG provides advice to IHACPA on the relevant factors, variables and costs associated with the delivery of care and services in residential and in-home aged care and any significant changes occurring in the aged care sector. It will operate until such time as the permanent advisory committee is formed in late 2023.

Members have relevant expertise in aged care policy, clinical, technical, activity based funding or operations management aspects of aged care, or casemix classification systems, and/or represent the views of aged care providers, workforce, residents and/or their carers/families.

Members of the IACWG include representatives from:

  • Aged care providers
  • Aged care academic researchers
  • Aged care workforce organisations
  • Peak bodies representing aged care providers
  • Peak bodies representing residents and their representatives
  • Peak bodies representing medical, nursing and allied health professionals working in aged care
  • Organisations representing the perspectives of First Nations people using aged care services and specialist providers
  • State and territory governments.
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