Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority

Formerly Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA)

Our vision is for Australians to have fair access to transparent, sustainable and high-quality health and aged care.

National Efficient Price and National Efficient Cost Determinations for 2024–25 released

19 Mar 2024

IHACPA releases the Pricing Framework for Australian Public Hospital Services 2024–25

13 Dec 2023

IHACPA partners with University of Sydney to boost health research and training

7 Dec 2023

Cover image of the NEP Determination 2024-25

National Efficient Price Determination 2024–25


19 Mar 2024

The Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority (IHACPA) was established under the National Health Reform Act 2011 (the NHR Act) and by virtue of section 131(1) of the NHR Act is invested with the following functions relevant to this National Efficient Price Dete...

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